How to Be a Successful Business Analyst

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Doing research may seem like something you would only do before you get your degree. However, if you choose to pursue a career as a business analyst, research will become a run-of-the-mill task for you.

Analysing the market involves monitoring the news daily, looking at the assets of the companies involved, even looking at social media to have a feel for influencers’ opinions and mine the vast knowledge they share.

Customize your search

Many tools are in the employ of the business analyst whose daily task is to monitor news on their research target. Often companies pay exorbitant prices to only get a general industry feed. While Reusters, for one, will feed you all information about metals, Graze will narrow it down to your specific target market for nickel or aluminium.

Customise to focus on research topics.

Expand your news sources

International companies will appear in multilingual news

As businesses grow, offloading business processes in other countries has become a common practice for companies. Business analysts need to follow closely.

Graze gathers multilingual news, allowing you to search for topics and find a whole new media outlet for news in languages other than English. They are translated automatically into English with Graze, increasing your search span exponentially while enabling you to gain a good coverage of a topic.

As a business analyst you may have access to expensive services by news agencies like Reuters daily and still find your business research is lacking coherence and coverage. This is exactly where Graze exells. Graze will give you news from a small independent Indonesian media outlet with few readers to turn your research into… analysis.

We value your time

Do your business research with Graze

Missing a piece of news or emerging trend is the business analyst’s biggest nightmare. When you have to read 200 articles in 5 languages today about nickel, time works against you. Graze gives you the power of predictive analyses and the capacity to discover the link between nickel and 3d printing threads. Include and visualise emerging trends to turn your report into a strong marketing tool for business.


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