Improving business analysis with Graze

“…Came across a report that had only been published the day before…”

SOFIA, BULGARIA – July 18, 2018

For the business analyst who is trying to track their research topic, general industry feeds leave them with too little on too much. To compensate this lack of depth in research they string along a list of searches at least once daily. Now an innovative tool sets out to revolutionise their daily grind.

A new take on the search for market news

And more, Graze can keep up with growing professional needs and business forays into foreign markets. Meanwhile, it will keep good coverage of research topics because it reads multilingual sources and translates from Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French, German and Italian into English automatically.

Increasing the depth of the analysis means never missing important information. A business analyst’s biggest nightmare is not getting wind of the latest trend in the market. Finding emerging trends among the multitude of articles is faster with Graze’s predictive analysis and capacity to associate between news from the industry to find new opportunities within the market.

Business analysts use Graze because it assists them in every aspect of their reports.

“Finding statistics about this trend proved difficult – the electric cars market is changing fast. There aren’t many surveys on it, and yet I needed to know everything, fast” shares a business analyst at a commodity firm. “After setting a few topics in Graze, I managed to find relevant statistics ASAP and came across a report that had only been published the day before.”

Graze is valued as a business analysis tool by researchers in Commodity, Finance and Trade Industries, Telecoms and SME’s.

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