Company Reputation Management and How It Affects You

So, with all the information concerning your business close at hand is there any reliable way to analyse it and exploit it for corporate benefit? Companies use various intelligence tools to form new strategies based on data collected. One use of such tools is to monitor company reputation online.

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Whatever strategy you use to monitor the media presence of your company, it all boils down to three steps:

  • Find the mentions
  • Analyze them
  • Use the conclusions to develop new business strategies

You can skip the long hours of googling and type a few keywords in a media monitoring platform. The benefits are that websites where clients have reviewed your products will not be left out.  As well as constantly gathering intelligence from around the web and social media and giving updates to you and your colleagues, it is so much more than simply tracking mentions.

The video below shows how sentiment analysis can be used to provide you with insights. The graph contains information about the positive or negative changes to your reputation along with the events that cause them.

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