Reevaluating research strategy with Graze for the commodity market

search graze business analysis - Reevaluating research strategy with Graze for the commodity market

As a commodity trader you value timely business information above all.

For one, it is hard to come by, scattered across sources and languages which hinders your research process. More so, if you were looking for trends that influence your next move.  

With Graze you can now focus your analyses on newly discovered trends like:

  • Geopolitical crisis affects the nickel trade in Brazil
  • Typhoon Mangkhut devastates Indonesia, stops steel production
  • US tariffs and policies affect the price of steel products
  • Permits will be reissued for gold mining operations in Côte d’Ivoire

With Graze you can avoid time-consuming errands like:

Performing repetitive searches

Performing the same google searches every day to stay in the know about the latest market developments

Scanning scattered resources

Professionals pay for a number of websites to gather market reports, pricing data, news etc.  They have a list of online subscriptions, and check them every day, one by one. RSS readers are not sufficient to encompass all the sources BAs use in a single day.

Reading content in foreign languages

Professionals confine their search span to only sources that publish in the languages they can speak. If they do find a resource that publishes in a foreign language, they are neither able to search the website nor understand the articles.

Graze will effectively substitute these activities by combining resources and discovering new ones, saving your searches, increasing your research potential by performing a Google, Bing and Baidu search all in one. Typing in “steel production” in Graze is enough to give you search results such as:

  • Spanish article about Vale’s operations in South America
  • Chinese news alert about the prices of steel and the China US trade war
  • Russian insight on Norilsk Nickel’s processes
  • A report by a German government natural resources agency about ore deposits in Laos

Graze’s real-time search allows us to follow events occurring elsewhere, as they happen. Data gathered from Graze shows that when Typhoon Mangkhut caused severe damage to nickel and steel processing plants in China, the first news sources to impart this knowledge to the public were Chinese ones. By the time big mining magazines got wind of the disaster’s effects, Graze had already gathered the news six hours ahead of time.

Your commodity company and Graze

The features Graze has to offer can improve a commodity trading company’s processes by making the analysts’ work more efficient and providing new opportunities for researching China, Indonesia and other foreign markets.

To find out how your company can benefit from Graze, request a demo at

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