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Our media monitoring tool for professionals.

Analysing the market involves monitoring news daily, looking at assets companies involved, keeping up with social media to have a feel for influencers’ opinions and mine the vast knowledge they share. Journalists are always on the lookout for a good story to tell. It is with this in mind we created Graze – a business intelligence platform that gives you the speed, intelligence and insight to find it.


Never miss an update.

Graze performs your real-time search for you. Specify your keywords and select from our default topics to instantly get alerts about new developments in the industry. Use our mobile app on the go and get audio news whilst in the car or underground. Tune in to our innovations radar to be the first to know the new EV technological wonder.


Follow the most dynamic industry off the beaten track.

As well as looking at popular sites like Reuters and NASDAQ, it’s time we dug deeper: we search over 300 media sources in Chinese to provide you with relevant information to fit your research needs for the Chinese EV industry. Browse news from less well known media outlets in China and translate them automatically into English with Graze.


Be the first to spot developments as they appear in our visual data representations.

Graze provides you with insights into how the EV industry is changing. A graph can tell you more, in less time than it would take you to read a lengthy article or report. That is why Graze sifts through huge amounts of data and conducts rigorous statistical analysis. Follow the development of big EV producers, electric battery producers and other companies in the EV market with our graphs related to public attitudes and competitor reputation.


Search for the EV trend no one knows about yet

Missing a piece of news or emerging trend is the journalist’s biggest nightmare. When you have to read 200 articles in five languages today about batteries, time works against you. Graze gives you the power of predictive analyses and the capacity to recognise trends from isolated threads.

Gain new sources, save time.

Conduct your EV research with Graze.

If you need to research BYD or the EV demand in the UK, Graze can give you news from a multitude of sources and visualise all this data in graphs and charts. Graze can save time and efforts in your daily EV market analysis.

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