The Race to Understand Big Data

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The race to understand big data is on

While software is undoubtedly getting more refined, little has changed in terms of its purpose or scope. It’s still compiled as a means to complete tasks you typically encounter in the office, at school or research lab. Technology makes it possible for a company to optimise, digitise and automize more processes, jobs and services generating a pool of big data.  Add to that the data of other companies , innovations, third-party analysis and ancillary processes within your industry and you can begin to appreciate the scale of big data. To exploit big data, companies either resort to the services of hired analysts or skim its surface with queries triggered by events. If we are to realise the full implications of big data and make sense of its impact on business, however, we need a change of approach.

Graze embodies change as it sets out to solve the challenge of understanding volume. It makes a bigger and bolder leap in the way people interact with big data to discover the signals that flag new trends. For people of business success means to be the first to see a new trend within the industry, to be the first on the heel of your customers’ sentiments and act accordingly.

Success depends on the reach of your software. Graze monitors not only media and social media resources but the entire web. Whether it’s a newly published research paper in your business domain or a price drop of a rival product, Graze will spot it and deliver it to the dashboard. Vision, however, comes through analysis of big data. Graze pioneers understanding data to gather information intelligence.

Its analytical power to detect highlights real time will advance your business pursuits. Reading in many languages with machine translation will create opportunities where none existed. Flagging topics as they progress in Twitter will reveal patterns of market change and will help you take informed decisions.

Most importantly, interacting with data in Graze relies solely on your input. Choose the keywords for your business and get the answers related. Shadow the competition, learn about public tenders with just a few clicks. Now you can be as competitive as the big names in the business without the army of analysts to support.

The race is on to understanding big data.

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